Adding an impact crusher to your next crushing job? One crucial thing you will need to look at is the difference between a Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI) and a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI). The horizontal and vertical shafts in these crushers refer to the orientation of the rotor inside the crusher. Both can have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your chosen application and it is worth looking into the differences between the two before making your decision.

What are Impact Crushers?

Impact crushers (also known as impactors) are a great crushing solution for a variety of applications such as roadwork, recycling, and construction. Unlike other rock crushing equipment, impactors use impact rather than compression to crush material (hence, their name!). These crushers provide a level of versatility that is rare among rock crushing equipment by being able to be used as both a primary and secondary crusher. Impactors are also known for being able to produce a high-quality, cubic end product that is perfect for reselling. Impact crushers come in two models, HSI crushers and VSI crushers.

HSI Crushers Vs.VSI Crushers

In an HSI crusher, material is crushed from the impact of fast-moving bars attached to the rotor. This material is continually crushed by the impact of the bars until it becomes fine enough to be shaped into a high-quality end product. 

VSI crushers operate quite differently from HSI crushers. Unlike an HSI crusher, a VSI crusher does not have hammers or bars that crush feed material—instead, these impactors rely on the velocity of the material to crush itself. When material enters a VSI crusher, it is launched through the VSI chamber where it is crushed from the impact of the material on the walls of the chamber.

The main difference to consider when choosing between an HSI and a VSI crusher is the stage of your crushing circuit you are looking to add an impact crusher to. The biggest benefit an HSI crusher provides is that it can be both a primary and secondary crusher in your crushing circuit. VSI crushers are generally relegated to the end of the crushing circuit and are used as only a tertiary crusher. This, along with the fact that HSI crushers generally produce a better-quality end product, makes HSI crushers the better choice for most aggregate applications.

Impact Crushers at Sepro Crushing and Screening

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