Aggregate quarries are some of the largest mining operations in the world – gigantic open pit mines that span for kilometres, further than your eyes can see. The aggregate equipment used to process the tonnes and tonnes of rock, gravel, and stone needs to be performing in tip-top condition in order to maximize operational outputs. At Carminex, our decades of expertise mean we know how to match the right equipment with the right project, keeping your machines up and running to produce optimal results. 

Here are some of the largest quarries in the world. These operations help build the cities, roads, and bridges that we use every day. 

The Largest Granite Quarry

Known locally as The Rock, the world’s largest open-faced granite quarry is in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The site has over 60 acres of exposed rock, but that’s nothing compared to what’s hidden under the surface. 


The entire granite deposit is roughly 11 km long, 2 km wide and reaches 2.5 km deep. The tremendous amount of solid stone could keep this quarry in operation for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It’s rumoured that the site can even be seen from space as a white speck among the surrounding green forest and coastal Atlantic waters. 

The granite from this quarry is used in all sorts of structural and monumental projects. The WWII Memorial in Washington D.C., the Arlington Memorial Bridge, and the Albert Einstein Memorial are some of the most well-known monuments built with the granite harvested from Mount Airy. The rock is also used for construction, countertops, street curbs, and other jobs requiring beautiful white stone. 

Crushed granite can be used as a base and subbase for road and highway construction. Colourful stones make a beautiful addition to home landscaping and in planters. Larger sizes can be used as rip rap. 

Sepro’s Grizzly-King Heavy Duty Jaw Crusher is a strong and efficient granite crumbling device. With jaws longer than conventional crushers and a lower nip angle, you get a more positive bite with fewer pinched out rocks and high tonnages per hour.

The Largest Limestone Quarry

On the northeastern tip of Michigan lies the small community of Rogers City, home of the largest limestone quarry in the world. Currently, 3000 acres of the 8000-acre site are actively mined. The site has been in operation since the early 1900s and is expected to continue for at least another hundred years. Without limestone aggregate, the foundations of our cities would surely crumble. 

Most people are aware that limestone is integral to the building of our roads and buildings, but many people don’t know that it is also an essential ingredient for:

  • Producing cement and concrete
  • Iron and steel production
  • Purifying sugar
  • Adding calcium to poultry and cattle feed
  • Flue-gas treatment

With the help of the largest limestone quarry in the world, the USA is the 2nd largest producer of limestone behind China. 

A Huge Canadian Gravel Operation

Coming closer to home, the Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine is one of the largest aggregate mines in Canada. This operation covers 450 hectares and produces 4 million tons of sand, gravel, and stone a year which is used primarily to create concrete. 

Concrete is one of the most common man-made substances on the planet. Any large quarry like the Sechelt Sand and Gravel Mine is sure to have an impact on the surrounding environment. That’s why this particular operation makes sustainability a priority. It has even been recognized for its efforts in giving back to local communities, preserving nature, and raising knowledge about the biological values of mining sites. 

During the production process of aggregates, it’s necessary to remove any contaminants like clay from the crushed stone. If contaminants are found in the concrete mixture, the resulting product is poor and possibly useless. The Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine currently uses a Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber for the purpose of clay removal from stone, and it has been operating issue free for almost a decade. During the last ten years, Sepro has helped the Sechelt mine become one of the largest aggregate producers in all of Canada. 

Carminex is a proud supplier of Sepro aggregate equipment like the Tyre Drive Scrubber. To get the most production out of your quarry, speak to one of our aggregate equipment experts today. We can provide the largest operations (and even the smallest) with the right equipment, parts, and service.