Jaw crushers were first introduced to the world by Eli Whitney Blake in 1857. His invention was so unique and practical that it earned him a place in the National Inventors Hall Of Fame. Simple and strong, the Blake Jaw Crusher is still the standard to which modern-day crushers are compared. 

Now let’s fast forward 160 years.

Introducing the Grizzly-King Heavy Duty Jaw Crusher. This robust piece of machinery was engineered to outperform and outlast all other crushers. We’ve taken Blake’s original idea and heavily invested in research and development to create the king of crushers. Meeting your production goals has never been simpler. 

Built To Produce

Our jaws are longer than those of conventional crushers, giving the Grizzly-King a few distinct characteristics. Longer jaws increase the size of the crushing chamber, allowing more material to be processed per stroke. It also allows for a narrower nip angle, providing a more positive bite and reducing the possibility of ejected material. Fewer pinched out rocks makes the machine safer for operators. 

An eccentric jaw motion forces material through the crushing chamber, and increases production while maintaining the same discharge opening size. The Grizzly-King can process over 950 tons per hour.  

Built To Last

The massive frame construction built with heavy steel sections will keep your Grizzly-King in service for years. Its superior rigidity maintains bearing and shaft alignment and prevents costly failures. With a consistent discharge size, you will be able to reduce recirculation, and decrease the wear and tear on other equipment in your production line. 

Applications For Your Jaw Crusher

The Grizzly-King can be used as a primary crusher in mining, pit and quarry, construction aggregates, and demolition recycling. Carminex can mount your Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher on a portable plant, allowing your crushing operation to become mobile. This can save time and money when you need to move between sites.

The dimensions for our Grizzly-King Heavy Duty Jaw Crusher are as follows:

Increase your daily aggregate production with a Heavy Duty Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher. Carminex has been a source of industry expertise for decades and provides comprehensive solutions to our clients’ toughest problems. Speak to one of our aggregate experts to get started.