Purchasing new aggregate equipment is very different to buying a new toothpaste, for instance. Aggregate equipment is a big purchase and with that, comes a big decision making process. From our decades of experience in providing aggregate solutions to people across the world, we’ve created a checklist of questions that you should ask yourself when looking to invest in new machinery.

Do you want to buy from a trusted company?

For some, cost is the sole deciding factor. For others, they need to know that their aggregate equipment supplier is well-known and trusted. If this is the case for you, here’s what to check.

1. Do they have a website? Generally larger, more experienced companies will have an attractive, working website.

2. Likewise, more experienced companies tend to have a presence on social media. They will most likely be on at least one platform, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube. If they have both a website and social media channels, you can also see if anyone has left them any reviews on Google or Facebook. Reviews are a great way to see whether a company can be trusted.

3. If they have international offices, this is another indicator that they are an experienced company that can be trusted. That’s certainly not to say that companies that work in just one country should be seen as worse. It’s purely a similar scenario to if you were to go on holiday to a new city, and you could chose to stay in a Hilton hotel, or an unknown one, you may feel more comfortable choosing the hotel with a global presence, even though the unknown one may be just as good.

What are the costs involved?

If a piece of aggregate equipment is priced surprisingly low, it’s likely that you’ll only be saving money in the short term. When it comes to quality aggregate equipment, you really do get what you pay for.

Take for instance a sand screw. At first look, most sand screws will be cheaper than a Finespro Compact Sand Washing Plant, but the overall economic payback will be superior with the Finespro.

When you are doing your research, ask the equipment company about expected operating and maintenance costs.

At Sepro, we know that historically, aggregate producers have come to expect ongoing maintenance when using cone crushers but we designed our Blackhawk Cone Crusher so that it has simplified maintenance requirements. There is no need for sheaves or v-belts, which therefore eliminates those maintenance and replacement costs. Further, Sepro’s patented anti-spin device reduces liner wear and the unique lock bolt design reduces downtime for liner changes.

What services do they offer?

If you’re purchasing completely new equipment, it’s important to know what services the company offers to help you get the most out of your project. Do they offer after-sales support, staff training or commissioning?

Find out about Sepro’s technical support services

If you want to find out more about Sepro and our range of aggregate solutions, speak to one of experts near you, today. Alternatively, you can find us at Hillhead 2018 where we’ll be showcasing a variety of aggregate equipment.