Purchasing aggregate equipment is a big decision. It’s important to make the right decision in order to hit target production rates with optimal efficiency. When purchasing screens, you’ll need to decide between a horizontal or incline screen, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We’re going to dive into these basic pieces of aggregate equipment to help make your next purchase decision easier. Need more information? Contact Sepro Crushing and Screening today. 

What Does Aggregate Screening Equipment Do?

Simply put, screening equipment sorts particles by size. When aggregate is fed to the screen, large materials are caught on top while smaller rocks and stones are filtered down. You could have multiple screen decks to sort your aggregate further. 

Other applications of screening equipment include scalping, washing, and dewatering. Knowing what is required of your screening machine is the first step to finding the right tool for the job.  

Horizontal Screens

Horizontal screens operate at a relatively flat angle, usually less than 10 degrees. A vibrating motor is used to move feed down the screen for sorting. Feed typically spends more time on horizontal screens than incline screens, offering better sorting efficiency. However, horizontal screens process less material per hour versus incline screens. However, because of their ability to retain material, horizontal screens are always used for dewatering duties.

Horizontal screens take up much less headroom than their incline counterparts making them great for use in portable plants and plant retrofits. 

Incline Screens 

Incline screens operate from 20 degrees to 39 degrees and vibrate in a circular motion to move feed. The combination of a steep angle and vibration enable a high processing rate versus horizontal screen. However, this also limits the amount of time feed spends on the screen, limiting sorting efficiency. 

Incline screens also require more headroom and are therefore better suited for portable plants and new stationary plants. 

Want some more information? Download our vibrating screen PDF

Need help deciding between an incline or horizontal screen for your next project? Contact the aggregate equipment experts at Sepro today!