Sand, stone, and gravel produced by the aggregate industry are the building blocks of our modern world. Every structure from the homes we live in, the roads we drive on, and the buildings we work at are all made possible because of aggregates. In fact, it takes 400 tons of aggregate to build a typical home! 

Our goal at Carminex is to supply the most efficient mining equipment to, quite literally, support the foundations of our cities. Having over 25 years of supplying aggregate equipment and parts to the industry, Carminex has the expert knowledge necessary to help you through the buying process. After all, it is essential that you use the right aggregate equipment that best fit your project requirements.

Aggregates For Concrete

Concrete is made up of 60%-80% aggregate. Quality concrete comes from clean, hard, and strong aggregates that are free from chemicals or clay coatings. After harvesting, the aggregate used in concrete needs to be crushed, screened and washed. Poor screening could result in fine materials making their way into the concrete mixture which could cause deterioration of the concrete after it has set. 

The right particle shape and size also matter when it comes to creating quality concrete. Rough textured, angular and oddly shaped aggregate require more water to produce a useable concrete. Completely flat and elongated pieces are avoided or are limited by weight percentage. With the proper aggregate equipment, you can be sure that you are delivering a high-grade, consistently shaped, and contaminate free aggregate. 

Aggregates For Road Construction

Roads built with a weak foundation will fail prematurely and require more maintenance. Having a strong foundation starts with having a contaminate free aggregate. 

Recycled concrete makes an excellent foundation for building roads. Collected from construction sites with the help of portable plants, it is filtered to remove any debris, metal, or contaminants, and crushed to a consistent size. Using recycled aggregate keeps it out of landfills, is cheaper than harvesting and processing new materials, and is environmentally friendly. 

After a foundation is appropriately laid, asphalt is paved on top. Asphalt is made from 95% aggregate material and 5% bitumen.

Whether you realize it or not, aggregates have shaped the world. It keeps our buildings standing tall against the elements and our roads from failing beneath us, and it all starts with the right aggregate equipment. To find out what piece of equipment will fit your next project perfectly, contact the aggregate equipment experts from Carminex.