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Feed Size Up To 24’’ With A Superior Mechanical Drive System

Sepro Tire Drive Scrubbers feature  rugged, simple design, incorporating robust components delivering low capital and operating costs with high availability. Operating in many applications on feeds with high clay contents, Sepro Tire Drive Scrubbers are well proven as the optimum choice for difficult mineral ore and stone washing duties. The variable frequency drive (VFD) package accompanying each unit allows you to fine tune the operation of the scrubber based on the application. No auxiliary drive is required to perform maintenance. Sepro Tire Drive Scrubber shells are manufactured in one piece to high quality standards and are thermally stress-relieved, eliminating localized high-stress areas.

The machine utilizes the Sepro Pneumatic Tire Drive System (PTD) which provides an alternative to standard chain and gear drive scrubber systems. This system of rubber tires mounted on independent gear boxes provides excellent serviceability and reliability, having been well proven in numerous difficult applications. An instrumental feature accompanying Sepro’s tire driven equipment is the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which comes standard with each Sepro rotary control console.

Sepro operates pilot scale facilities, which generate reliable data for scale up to commercial operation. Pilot scale machines are also supplied for field test purposes.

The Finer Details

  • Removal of clay from hard rock ores prior to crushing
  • Washing of crushed aggregate, gravel and sand to remove clay contamination
  • Cleaning of contaminated soil and rubble

  • Standard scrubber sizes from 1.2m X 3.0m to 3.6m X 12.0m
  • Short delivery times
  • No critical components such as ring gears, chain drive, steel wheels or trunnion bearings
  • Low installation costs with no heavy foundation requirements

Sepro’s line of heavy duty Tire Drive Scrubbers utilizes a powerful and rugged Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) package, allowing the equipment operation to be fine-tuned based on the application. The Rotary Control Console (RCC) component features a touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI), which is used to control and monitor the operating parameters. Every Sepro Scrubber AutoPAC comes complete with a jacking cradle, tire pressure sensors, and hardwired safety limit switches.


Every Scrubber manufactured by Sepro comes complete with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Located within the Rotary Control Console (RCC), the TPMS feature protects the operation from costly downtime due to under-inflated tires. The system works as a closed loop control, allowing the HMI to disable the VFD should the operating conditions of the equipment stray outside of its defined parameters. Monitoring the equipment’s tire pressure greatly improves machine performance over time.

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It Doesn’t Stop There…

When you buy any Sepro product, you’re getting more than a piece of equipment. You benefit from Sepro’s outstanding reputation for quality processes and equipment and our ability to go above and beyond to keep your operation up and running.

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