Scrubbers and agglomeration drums typically use chain drives and steel wheels to function. This is a “traditional” system and has been used for decades in the industry. However, there’s another way for these types of aggregate equipment to run, and that’s with a tire drive system. 

Instead of chains, gears, sprockets, and steel wheels, your drum-style aggregate equipment can turn using tires mounted on individual gearboxes. Sepro Scrubbers and Agglomeration Drums use this tire drive system to save substantial maintenance costs for our clients. Here’s how tire drive aggregate equipment stacks up against chain drive systems. 

Chain Drive Aggregate Equipment

Chain drive aggregate equipment uses a system of ring gears, beefy chains, and small steel wheels that support the drum on steel riding rings. Just like your bicycle, it’s essential to keep the chain and sprocket well lubed for smooth operation. Over time, the grinding of the chain on the sprocket will wear the sprocket down and both will need to be replaced.

The need to replace the sprocket and chain is infrequent. However, chain drive aggregate equipment often involves high maintenance costs due to the steel wheels and riding rings. 

Grinding the riding rings is a task that must be performed regularly to keep the drums running smoothly. Without this maintenance, deformities in the riding rings cause intense machine vibrations, and may damage the drum and the supporting structure. Not only are the repairs expensive, but they also result in substantial downtime. The result is increased maintenance costs and lost production revenue.

“Steel on steel contact causes deformities in the riding rings and results in severe machine vibrations that translate into the supporting structure. Regular grinding of the riding rings is required to keep them running smoothly.”

Tire Drive Aggregate Equipment

Tire drive aggregate equipment, like the Sepro Scrubber, uses simple rubber tires mounted on individual gearboxes as an alternative to chain drive systems. A tire pressure monitoring system comes standard to ensure the smooth running of the aggregate equipment

Since no trunnion gears or steel wheels are required, there is significantly less stress placed on the drum shell. This system increases the longevity of the equipment. The tires also eliminate any vibrations that would be caused by chain drive systems⏤no regular grinding of riding rings needed!

For maintenance, tires can be sourced locally as they’re just standard commercial truck tires. Plus, common motor and gearbox components minimize any equipment downtime. 

“Tire drive systems offer excellent serviceability and reliability that can’t be matched by their chain drive counterparts.” 

Proven in the Field

Sepro’s Tire Drive Scrubbers have proven themselves in numerous demanding applications. Currently, our aggregate equipment is turning at the Lehigh Hanson’s Sechelt Aggregate Mine, one of Canada’s largest aggregate operations. The mine turns out four million tonnes of aggregate material per year and has been using Sepro Scrubbers⏤problem-free⏤for over a decade.

Replace Your Chains with a Tire Drive System

If you are suffering from the high maintenance costs associated with chain drive systems, Sepro has existing designs to replace your chain drive system for a tire drive solution. Changeovers are quick and inexpensive, and typically no structural modifications are necessary. Speak with a Sepro Systems expert today for more information.