Case Study: Ship Loading Facility

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Carminex (now Sepro Aggregate Systems) was retained to build a ship loading facility on the Gaspe Peninsula. It was needed to load crushed limestone from a Quebec quarry into ships destined for the southern United States. The ship loading facility needed to deliver 1,500 tonnes per hour of material so that large ships could be loaded in 24 hours or less. At the same time it needed to be flexible enough to accommodate ships of different sizes and lengths.

Plant Description

Carminex supplied all the equipment required to efficiently create a stockpile, reclaim the stockpile and load ships of different lengths. It consisted of:

  • A Carminex hopper and transfer conveyor to collect material from belly-dump material transport trucks
  • A Superior Industries TeleStacker to create the stockpile
  • A custom built Carminex reclaim system consisting of an underground hopper and feeder
  • An underground tunnel with a transfer conveyor to bring the reclaimed material to surface
  • 11 Carminex grasshopper conveyors
  • A Superior Industries TeleStacker to load the ships

The Carminex grasshopper conveyors could be easily added or removed from the conveying system to accommodate different ship sizes and lengths, creating a fully flexible ship loading system.


The experts at Carminex (now Sepro Aggregate Systems) were able to take a greenfield site with specific customer requirements and design a unique and effective ship loading system from the ground up. With a capacity of 1,500 tonnes per hour and the ability to accommodate a variety of ship sizes and lengths, Carminex supplied a custom, fit-for-purpose system on time and on budget.

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