Cone crushers generally have one function – to break large rock into smaller pieces. When it comes to choosing a cone crusher, there are an array of features you should look for depending on the nature of your project. Here are just a few to consider.

What size feed opening and discharge setting does the cone crusher have?

When it comes to investing in a cone crusher, we recommend choosing one with the ability to work for you on multiple projects and see those projects through future demands as well as immediate needs.

For example, you may want your output to be ultra-fine on some projects, in which case choosing a cone crusher like the Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher will be most ideal as the maximum feed opening can accept material from as fine as 105mm to as coarse as 142mm as seen in the table below. Discharge settings can also vary from 8mm for fine work, to 16mm for coarse output.

Blackhawk Cone Crusher Features

2. Is it mobile?

The ability to move your cone crusher is compulsory when it comes to using one across multiple projects. The Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher is suitable for mobile crushing applications and can be built into a custom portable plant. Sepro’s Modular Process Solutions are engineered to be shipped globally with ease and are simple to reassemble and commission.

3. How difficult will maintenance be?

Unfortunately not all cone crushers are built to last. If you are looking for a piece of equipment to get you through one short project, simplicity of maintenance may not be a high priority to you.

If however, you expect to use the equipment for a substantial period of time, it is vital to find out how easy it will be to maintain the cone crusher, whether you’ll need external help, and whether spare parts are readily available.

When we developed our hydraulically operated Blackhawk Cone Crusher, our R&D team focused on keeping machine maintenance simple. The Blackhawk has a lock bolt design that eliminates the need for torch or burning rings, which can need replacing. This is a big advantage for Blackhawk users over other cone crushers.

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4. How does the initial cost, and operating cost, compare to other cone crushers?

All experienced mining and aggregate experts know that the running cost of a piece of equipment is equally as important as the purchase cost.

Our equipment experts always run over-estimated operating costs with our customers. If a company is reluctant to share these estimates with you, that may not be a promising sign.

The Blackhawk Cone Crusher has a patented anti-spin mechanism which reduces liner wear and increases time between maintenance shutdowns, thus reducing costs.

5. What technical support is available?

Finding the right cone crusher isn’t just about the cost and features – technical support should also be a high priority.

It’s highly unlikely that every team member will know exactly how to setup and operate a new cone crusher which is why it is important to find out what kind of technical services are offered by the company from which you buy your cone crusher.

At Sepro, we are able to assist in installation, training, commissioning, and automation. Our experts are on-hand to ensure that our customers continue to get the most out of their Blackhawk Cone Crushers long after the purchase date.

These are just a few questions to consider when researching new cone crushers. To find out more about the Blackhawk 100’s features, and get recommendations on suggested pairings and uses, contact one of our cone crusher experts today.