The most common aggregate equipment for sand washing applications includes sand screws, bucket wheels, and classifiers. Unfortunately, these machines are inefficient at recovering high-quality sand and separating silts and clays from their final product. It’s surprising that these outdated machines are still found all over North America when better, more cost-effective aggregate equipment exists, like the FinesPro Sand Plant

Traditional Sand Washing Methods Are Costly and Ineffective

Sand intended for construction purposes follows a particular particle gradation. Too much or too little fines and your final product will be of low quality. Traditionally, sand is collected with a piece of aggregate equipment called a sand screw. The sand screw is made up of an overflowing tub containing water, sand, and a large rotating screw. The screw pulls the coarse sand up, while the fine sand overflows out the back. This process is inefficient as it tends to include too many fines in the final coarse product to be sold, and valuable coarse sand is lost in the rejected material. 

Essentially, your old aggregate equipment is limiting your potential and affecting your bottom line. 

How the FinesPro is Different

The Sepro FinesPro Sand Plant uses a hydrocyclone to separate coarse sand from fine sand. Using a hydrocyclone is more efficient as it recovers more coarse sand versus other sand washing methods. The FinesPro also allows the user to fine-tune parameters to allow for more or less fines in the final product. 

‘The FinesPro Sand Plant is a high-capacity piece of aggregate equipment with a small footprint.’ –Quote formatting. 

Additional benefits of the Sepro FinesPro Sand Plant include:

  • Accurately separating slimes, clays and silts from the final washed product
  • Eliminating loss of quality fines
  • Removing the cost of expensive dredging necessary for older sand washing methods
  • Recovery of fine minerals down to 50 microns
  • Producing final sand products at their highest quality with a low moisture content 
  • Ability to be mounted to a portable plant for mobile applications

Sepro aggregate equipment, like the FinesPro Sand Plant, excels at applications involving concrete, mortar and asphalt sands, quarry dust and crushed fines, lake and beach sands, silica sands, golf course sands, filter bed sands, recycled materials, and iron ore. 
If you’re using sand screws, bucket wheels, or classifiers in your sand washing applications, contact Sepro to upgrade your aggregate equipment. It’s time you start producing more sand at a higher quality.