We might be biased, but we definitely have a crush on our jaw crusher. As the most durable crusher on the market, the Grizzly King Jaw Crusher is also heavier and stronger than our competitors. For any hardrock, limestone, gravel, or concrete and asphalt recycling application, our crusher is the perfect companion for your aggregate or mining contract.

But just how well do we really know our jaw crushers?

Our team has taken it upon themselves to research these fun facts in the name of scientific progress (read: entertainment). Here are 6 surprising facts that you probably didn’t know about our jaw crushers!

1. What’s the absolute largest object that can go into a Sepro Grizzly King Jaw Crusher? 

Our largest jaw crusher can fit a 36″ object for crushing, which happens to be the same size as the world’s largest turnip! Anyone down for some stew?

2. How much material can our jaw crusher process in a year? 

Our crusher can process 7 million tonnes of material a year, which is nearly the same total weight as 2000 Olympic swimming pools filled with water. With performance like that, our jaw crushers definitely deserve an Olympic medal—just not for swimming!

3. What is the footprint of a Sepro Grizzly King Jaw Crusher? 

At approximately 2.83 metres wide by 3.21 metres, our crusher is approximately the same size as an adult African Elephant! However, our crushers easily trounce an elephant in terms of crushing power (imagine that as a back-of-the-box quote).

4. How big is our primary jaw crushing portable plant?  

At 110,000 – 350,000 lbs, our primary jaw crushing portable plant is as heavy as the heavy-duty tasks it was built for. This is about the same weight of anywhere between 8 to 27 African Elephants (yes, elephants again—we really like elephants)! If you are unfamiliar with using elephants as a method of measurement, this is also slightly less weight than the Statue of Liberty.

5. How much energy does our jaw crusher use in 24 hours? 

At the top end of the scale, our 250 HP crushers will use about the energy consumption equivalent of eating 5400 Big Macs. Also, the image of our jaw crusher smashing 5400 Big Macs is just fantastic (read: we absolutely do not recommend trying this).

6. What is the most unique application you’ve ever seen for a jaw crusher? 

We have seen our crushers crush a ton of things. While Big Macs are MIA, we have seen our crushers effortlessly crush glass, get used in glass recycling, insulation, diamonds, aggregates recycling (concrete, asphalt), and more. If you are looking for a crusher for a crushing application, be sure to give our aggregate equipment experts a call!

And there we have it! A whole host of fun facts about our Grizzly King Jaw Crushers. We hope you learned something, and if not, we hope you had fun along the way! For any of your rock and aggregate crushing contracts, be sure to reach out to our aggregate equipment team, they will be happy to help you find the right crusher for your application.

*Note If we made any math errors in this post, please report them here.